Deltenna WiBE HS21 3G Router with WiFi

The WiBE - A Revolution in 3G Mobile Technology. Click in the sim card, click on the power, click connect and GO!

  • Intelligent – Smart antenna technology optimises signal range and strength
  • Secure – WPA / WPA2 / WEP protected access and SPI Firewall
  • Connectivity – Connects devices via WiFi and Ethernet to the internet
The WiBE HS21 is a revolutionary 3G router unlike any other, connecting multiple devices via WiFi and Ethernet to the internet, delivering mobile broadband connectivity for businesses and individuals, with speeds of up to 21 Mbps and an average of up to 8 Mbps even in the most remote or rural locations.

Deltenna’s patented antenna system makes the WiBE HS21 unique. Unlike its competitors, its high gain directional antenna array tests and selects the best connection from all available 3G base stations, selecting the connection for best data throughput not necessarily the highest signal strength, it continues scanning to ensure that the best connection is maintained at all times.

The WiBE HS21 can be deployed quickly and easily providing instant internet access, ideal for situations and applications that are bandwidth intensive, temporary set-ups and rural or remote locations where other devices may fail to connect.

Anyone can install a WiBE HS21 within a matter of minutes thanks to its self-configuration and simplicity of plug and play.


DOWNLOAD: HS21 Datasheet Sept 13

Quick Start Guide

DOWNLOAD: HS21 Quick Start Guide Sept 13

WiBE HS21 Quick Start Guide

DOWNLOAD: HS21 Quick Start Guide Sept 13

Where is the best location for the WIBE®?

The WiBE® works best near a window. Where you can, it is best to place it at the highest point in a building so it has a better chance of receiving a 3G signal.

What is the range of the WiFi on the WIBE®?

This is dependent on the environment. There are variables such as how many walls there are between the WiBE® and the users, as well as other sources of interference in the locality. The WiBE® has been tested to a range of 100 metres line of sight going through one wall. It has also been successfully tested in conference rooms and exhibitions areas.

How many users can the WIBE® support?

In theory the WiBE® can support 100 users, although all the users will be sharing a maximum download speed of up to 21Mbps.

Can you connect the WIBE® to a mobile network?

As long as you have at least a weak 3G signal then the WiBE® will be able to work. The WiBE® does not connect to a 2G or 4G signal.

How does the WIBE® connect to the 3G network?

  • Once the WiBE® is turned on it will spend about three minutes scanning to find the best 3G connection.
  • The WiBE® selects each antenna in turn and then monitors the download speed.
  • On the front of the WiBE® the lights will flash to indicate which antenna is being tested.
  • If no 3G signal is detected then all four WiBE® antenna lights will flash and the process will be repeated.
  • To monitor the progress of the scanning you can log into the WiBE® and look at the status page.
  • Once the WiBE® has detected a 3G network during the scanning process it will select the antenna with the best download speed.
  • One of the antenna lights on the WiBE® will stay on to signify which antenna has been chosen.
  • If you notice sometimes a second light flashing then that means there is a chance of getting a better download speed by altering the position of the WiBE®.
Can the WIBE® work with 2.5 (GPRS) and 2.75 (EDGE) if there is no 3G signal available?

No. The WiBE® is used to provide a broadband connection from a 3G network.

Can I get the WIBE® to rescan the 3G network after the initial scan?

Yes. When logged into the WiBE® via your web browser navigate to Internet Settings and 3G Antenna Control. Select ‘Yes’ and ‘apply’ from the ‘Run test now’ drop box. The WiBE® will start a rescan.

The 3G light on the WIBE® is flashing, what does this indicate?

A flashing 3G light means the WiBE® is in roaming mode. This means the WiBE® has been connected to a network other than your home network.

Can the ‘admin’ password be changed for the WIBE®?

Yes. This can be changed via the Management tab in the Administration settings of the WiBE®.

Is it possible to change the SSID on the WIBE®?

Yes. This can be changed via the WiFi Settings tab of the WiBE®.

How can the WIBE® wireless network security type and key be changed?

This can be done via the Security tab which can be found via WiFi settings when connecting to the WiBE®.

Can a WIBE® be run from a car battery?

Yes. The WiBE® takes 6V whereas most car batteries supply 12V. As long as you use a suitable car adaptor that can provide an output voltage of 6V and it can supply a current of at least 900mA.

Can the WIBE® be used in a vehicle?

Yes as long as you have an appropriate power supply. The WiBE® works best in a fixed position since it is scanning the best local antenna for the fastest download speed. The WiBE® takes three minutes to configure when it is switched on so if you wait after stopping the vehicle it should work fine.

Which countries can the WIBE® work in?

The WiBE® is not suitable for use in Finland, Norway or Sweden.

Can a WIBE® with a UK SIM be used overseas?

The network operator has to enable roaming on the SIM for you to be able to use the WiBE® in other countries. However, check with your network operator what the roaming charges are before you use the WiBE® abroad. Data charges overseas vary from country to country.

When using the WiBE® for roaming overseas the 3G light will flash when connected instead of being on all the time. When using the WiBE® abroad it will most likely be cheaper to buy a local SIM in the country to use then rely on the UK SIM.

After inserting the SIM the WIBE® says ‘new SIM detected – please press setup’ however when I do and select the ‘contract’ or ‘pre-pay’ buttons nothing happens?

The SIM card must be put into the WiBE® when it is turned off. Make sure the WiBE® is turned off and re-insert the SIM and turn the WiBE® back on. When you see the status ‘New SIM detected’ enter setup. The APN (Access Point Name) details will be entered and the WiBE® will begin scanning.

Please note the WiBE® does not store APN information for all network operators. WiBE®s manufactured up to April 2011 only have details for UK and Ireland networks. To use the WiBE® in other countries the appropriate APN has to be entered manually.

The SIM I’m using does not have a PIN, however the WIBE® asks for one on the setup screen, what’s the solution?

Make sure the SIM does not need a PIN. Details of any Default PIN would have been included with the SIM when purchased from the network operator. Some operators supply SIMs with a default PIN (0000) rather than no PIN.

How can the firmware be upgraded on the WIBE®?

When new firmware is available it can be downloaded via the website The release note can be found there too. In order to upgrade the firmware do the following:

  • Download the new WiBE® firmware to your computer.
  • Save the file to your desktop.
  • Log onto the WiBE® the usual method explained above using your web browser.
  • Select ‘Upload Firmware’ from the WiBE® Administration menu.
  • By using the ‘Browse’ button locate the file on your desktop.
  • Click ‘apply’ to start the upgrade.
  • The whole process should take about 2 minutes.
  • The WiBE® will reboot afterwards.
  • Once the WiBE® has rebooted reset it to factory default to clear old settings.
Where can I download new WIBE® firmware?

When new firmware is released for the WiBE® it will be available via the website

Can the WIBE® firmware be updated via WiFi?

No. The WiBE® firmware should not be upgraded via WiFi or 3G only by an Ethernet cable.

How do I reset the WIBE® to factory default settings?

  • Turn on the WiBE® and wait till the WiFi light comes on.
  • Use the point of a pen, a paper clip or something similar to press and hold the small white button next to the power socket on the rear of the WiBE® for at least 10 seconds.
  • The WiBE® will reboot after a further 5-10 seconds with the default settings.
  • Select Settings Management and click ‘Load Default’ from the WiBE® Administration menu.
  • When promoted click ‘OK’ and the WiBE® will reboot and reload the default factory settings.
When I switch on the WIBE® after inserting a SIM the lights are flashing on the front but I can’t connect to the 3G network?

Have you entered the APN information? If so have you entered the correct APN details? The WiBE® comes with a setup guide in the box.

  • Follow the instructions on the guide to connect to the WiBE® either using an Ethernet cable or WiFi.
  • Log on to the WiBE® using a web browser and enter the following IP address in to the address bar
  • When asked to enter a username and password – the username is ‘admin’ and the ‘password’ can be found on the underside of the WiBE®.
  • After logging on select the setup button on the browser and follow the instructions.
Once you have entered the APN if there is still no success in connecting to the 3G network the most likely reasons for not connecting then are:

  • There is no 3G network in the range of the WiBE®.
  • The SIM being used has not been enabled by the network operator or only for voice and not data.
  • The SIM being used is pre-pay and there is no credit on it.
What is an APN? Is a different APN required when roaming?

The APN or Access Point Name is the information required to communicate with the mobile network. No a different APN is not required when roaming. Please note that data roaming costs can vary widely so take care when using the WiBE®.

I have entered the APN details for the SIM but the WIBE® screen shows a message ‘invalid PIN?

Make sure the correct PIN has been entered. If the SIM does not need a PIN the WiBE® unit might be faulty, please contact us.

The WiFi light on the WIBE® never comes on, what should I do about this?

The unit might be faulty. However in most cases the user has turned off the WiFi feature. This can be rectified quite easily by performing a factory reset on the WiBE®.

I think the WIBE® unit I have is faulty, what should I do?

Please have a look through the FAQs to see if the issue can be resolved. If this does not resolve the particular technical issue please contact us on +44(0) 1291 430 567.

FIRMWARE – December 2012

WiBE HS21 2.15.1H Firmware Update

Westbase Technology are happy to provide RMA (Return Material Authorisation) on any faulty units.

When contacting us please make sure you have your serial number to hand and we will walk you through the rest of the process. Call us on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 for support or use our online contact form.

The WiBE - A revolution in 3G Mobile Technology

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